Friday, July 16, 2010

FantasyDesign Featured Shop for Monday July 19 2010

I couldn't be more excited to be featuring the creator of my favorite jewelry line, Gems of My Heart by FantasyDesign (www.FantasyDesign.Etsy.Com) for next weeks new featured shop. There is something about that line of jewelry, that just draws me to them. Chris also has many other fantastic items, done with some really incredible gemstone finds. If you are looking for a really personal piece of jewelry, at very affordable prices, this is where I go, and this is coming from a fellow jewelry artist (among my other other talents). I'm looking forward to getting to know more about Chris, how the idea of that line of jewelry, as well as the other pieces came to be. The talent behind the creations. I was asking everything I could think of, because I want to know too:)
I'm really looking forward to sharing this shop with everyone, and I hope you are as drawn to it, as I am.

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