Friday, July 2, 2010


I am pleased and honored that Erin with DramatiqueDesigns ( here on Etsy, has agreed to be the first shop owner featured. Being first, she has trusted me, a baby blogger, to not screw it up.
Erin's wrislets are fun, extremely well made, and in my case, custom made with the fabric I chose from her shop, and sewn to the specifications I chose for my blackberry. She's funny and dedicated, and extremely easy to work with.
So with that, I'm taking the jump into store features hoping to spread some knowledge, insight on the store owners, and information on how to make our stores more profitable, both by avoiding the costly mistakes, and finding out where the money can be made.

When did you start making wristlets and why?

I started making wristlets about 7 months ago while I was thinking about opening an Etsy shop. I realized that there weren't a lot of choices for very feminine and unique cell phone cases out there. I wanted something cute and pretty I could dangle from my wrist, not just something with a uniform look to it. I also added purses about 3 months ago. I felt it would be a great balance to my wristlets; Have a purse and store your wristlet inside.

After I was let go from my job last December, I applied for jobs but realized that with this economy I didn't know how long it might take to find a new one, and I've always been creative, being a stage actress, and have always had a dream of selling products with a dramatic, creative flair.

I hope to turn this into a full time income. My mantra is "You do not try, you do".

Have you done any advertising?

Facebook, twitter and my personal blog at

I've toyed with the idea of placing ads, but believe that I need to be bringing in a steady income, and have a solid business before I go pouring my dollars into something of that nature. Ads bring traffic to the sites, but if you do not have enough product and are still creatively trying to market your business, in my opinion, it can look unprofessional.

Do you do craft shows, and how do you approach potential customers?

At this time I do not do craft shows, but would love to make that part of my business. Exposing yourself face to face with customers is the best kind of marketing you can do.

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