Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fantasy Designs Featured Shop

My scheduled featured shop for this week, was going to be FantasyDesigns ( Unfortunately, Chris and I missed each other over the weekend, and then I have been working double shifts at my day job. So, rather than move the posting of the featured shop this week, from Monday to Tuesday, I decided to extend the current featured shop another week, and give Chris a full week of exposure on the blog beginning on Monday, the regular new feature day. I felt I would be shorting Chris exposure time and it just didn't feel right to me.
My intention to give each shop a week, and then have one only get 5 days, didn't fit in with my intentions or purpose of the features.
As with the nature of any business, being busy is a good thing, and when things are busy or an artist is on a streak of new creations, stopping to give an interview can be disruptive.
So, Chris's feature will be starting Monday, and hopefully everything will be back on schedule for future blog postings. Flexibility is the nature of being an artist.
Thank you everyone for checking in this week, and I look forward to sharing the really touching story behind the Gems of My Heart line of jewelry, as well as all the other wonderful pieces of jewelry Chris creates. It's a story that actually brought tears to my eyes, and I hope that it I can bring in the feeling behind the line, and do it justice.

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